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“Jill Maragos is so incredibly funny that I want to take all her material and bury her body in a shallow grave...but I won't.”


     – Maryellen Hooper (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Dennis Miller Show & The Martin Short Show)

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Jill Maragos developed her sense of humor and knack for story-telling as a survival tactic for growing up with a crazy family in Buffalo, NY.  With degrees in Broadcast Journalism & Mechanical Engineering, she made the natural progression into Stand-Up Comedy.  She mixes intelligent & hilarious story-telling with quick "didn't see that coming" punches.  


She has appeared on "The Office" (NBC), "Laughs" (FOX), "Comedy Time" for The Ice House in Pasadena (YouTube), and "West Coast Comedy" (Hulu). She performs throughout the country.

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